Ground-breaking technologies available now for commercial applications

The University of Manchester has one of the most extensive portfolios of IP rights relating to graphene and 2D materials. This IP encompasses technologies in areas including: the production of 2D materials, 2D inks, desalination and nano-filtration membranes, barrier coatings, polymer composites, thermoelectric composites, sensors, touch screen interfaces, printable electronics and wearable technologies to name a few.

UMIP is strategically developing this IP portfolio to leverage these IP assets and drive commercialisation activities through licensing, industrial partnerships, and the founding of joint-venture and spin-out businesses.

As The Home of Graphene, and with almost 300 scientists engaged in 2D materials research, the University is continually developing and improving 2D technologies and our understanding of these amazing materials. Our knowledge and understanding of 2D materials and their vast potential, together with a world-leading portfolio of IP rights, means that we are the partner of choice for the world’s leading technology companies wishing to develop next-generation products that are enhanced by the benefits of 2D Materials. Join these technology trend-setters and find out more about the amazing properties and huge potential of 2D Materials by contacting us at: